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panel update 14/11/08

Ok now, its been a while since pics.. but lets have a go again.
how it started..

then the blasting an panel work

after the body work

fisrt spray

sand back again

final spray

start to put together

suspension in

new wiring in as well

engine an late tank in

interior started.

picked up my rims

its dirty in the pics but will be clean when its finished..
hopefully not too long an will be over for the show..

That is great post and resto is magic- you will give inspiration to others whether it is a split or bay.

Can't wait to see photos on the road.


I am really looking forward to seeing this bus, very tasty indeed.

Looks really good mate, me to wanna see this one in the flesh! Very Happy

Lovely bus

Panels rock..... Cool

coming along nicely, very smooth Cool  Cool  Cool

that paint job is summat else - very impressive  Shocked

Looking nice Dion!

been a while, but a bit has happened, been over east an guess what?

rego finally... now to finish it completly an drive it west.

an ive also picked up a new toy...

cant wait to start/finish that one...

Top stuff you'll need a couple of trailers at the rate your going to bring 'em all over.

The Panel is looking, bet it's wicked for you to drive it a t last!

We need more Splits in WA Laughing

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