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air jordan shoe's midsole
Who can you recommend?
need info on Brosol Solex 32/34 PDSI 2/3 carbs
Help, need motor rebuilt
fuel injected kombi starting problem
An easy boost when considering vacuum leak
blue smoke from exhaust when decelerating hard
Correct Idle speed setting on carbys not obtainable. Help!
engine clanging noise
All aircooled from 1936-2006
Has anyone bought new Euromax Carburetors from the USA
engine timing after half rebuild
Dieseling - electrical fault? Fixed problem myself :-)
Great carby comeback
Oil-what should you use
Fuel pump refitting & Fuel ines
torque setting for heater box on head ??
Spark Plug fitting
Valve/Tappet adjustment
Tappets adjusting
Type 4 head gasket codes
Air Cooled carb service
Engine Displacement Calculator
1700 Engine CA-CE
2000 CC CJ Code engine specifications
1800 AP engine specifications
New exhaust - blocking heat exchanges and fan housing ?
Engine build on You Tube
Solox Carb Manual
Timing a 2 Litre Kombi engine
Type 4 engine schematic
Red Oil light comes on when engine warm and idling
Vintage VW Valve adjustment Training film
Vintage VW carb adjustment training film
1600 rebuild photos
1600 Engine removal video
Engine codes -most VWs
fuel pipes , rubber / plastic / should i change them ?
heat thermastat , do i need one ????
Tube seals etc
Oil Change 36hp to 1600
Genny to Alternator Conversion
Best engines of the 20th century
bent valve 1800 twin carby
how much for a alternator on a 2 ltr bay
light rattle under acceleration
Carb prices in Europe 1600-2000 Bays
Bolt on starter motor ?? is this the right one
Carb throttle shaft fixes
Another Couple of Weber carb sites
Head torques!!!
Solex Carb Kits
Why do some engines run hotter than others?
Port & Polish
Exhausts, What do ya know?
Gas Conversion for a Type 4 Engine
exhaust systems for Type 3
Type 4 Compression
Need help locating 36 Hp Heads
dual webbers ,what do you know ?
Cv Popped out!
1700-1800-2000 Carby tuning
Tips Foam seal around motor
wanted WA, air cooled fan, see what happened to mine!
Type 4 engine into a Lowlight
Rocker Covers
Cylinder Heat Temp (CHT) gauges and detection
TYPE 3 engine into split.
Timing a 1600 Type 1 Motor
Best Oil and Fuel hose's
Engines, where to go?
Fuel injection No go
Another dizzy
Starting Problems
VW engine photos
Aircooled engine temps
More Carby and other info
Engine Fix - Oil Breather
VW Jetta engine into 72 Kombi
Ignition coils
pair of kadrons 4 2lt?....og from 1600.....
Tinware and how to fit for 1600
External Oil Cooler
Electric Fuel Pump
battery clamps?............
A New Type of Vacuum Leak
Tinware and engine diagram
1800 Head Damage
1600 engines into Type 2 Splittie
1600 Valve adjustment
Type 1 engine modified sizes
Engine sounds and other Kombi sounds
Type IV 2 litre rebuild
1600 engine with components named
Different engine conversions
Wasserboxers or water cooled
Type 4 engines 1700, 1800 and 2000cc Codes
Type 1 engines up to 1600 1971 bus
Engine crankcase sealing
VW Engine codes-most models
Carby info
Type 4 engines
Type 4 Exhaust
1800 and 2000cc Engine codes
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