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Fair Bloody Dinkum

This site is a beauty.


Thankyou brookie...

G'day everyone...
I own/run
An aussie discussion forum based in queensland oz.

This website/forum is privately owned by me.
I have made it available to all people, of all nations, of all religions and faith's.
It's not important where you come from or who your God may be.
It's not important if your green.

We all bleed red..
............take time to be a friend..respect others as you would like it to be returned.

If you have something you wish to say or complain about, Then FBD is where you do it, freely and openly. using common sense and stating your case clearly with any facts and/or proof.
You are most welcome to FBD. But IF you come here just to stir up others with negative intentions...Then go elsewhere, there are sites on this net for all sorts of people..even moron's..
We have many different issues of today from Crime in our streets.
Detention Centres to Indigenous Rights..
A NEW Islamic/Mulsim section..
Terrorism today in our society...does it affect you?
To schapelle corby to the Bali 9 innocence and guilty..
The McCann Drama of missing Madeleine
have your say...
Some content on FBD is very serious and involves the lives of people in places of hardship..Whether it is their own doing or not..There is still Human Rights...and the fight against Injustice. You are welcome to be part of this ongoing fight for human rights, moral decency and the fight for injustices against all prisoners in all levels of incarceration.
Please feel free to participate in any issue, if you have grieviences, or you just wish to complain about a wrong done by you, your most welcome to air them at FBD for further discussion.

come along for a bit of a chat and make friends..

regards phill
FBD Oz downunda

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