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A different type of Splittie

Spotted by kkombii in his travels-
A classic of Australian motoring

You may like to post these.

I spotted this in Forrestfield on early on Wednesday morning.
I did see the owner but was unable to talk to him. ( we crossed paths in the pathology clinic)
He was in his 70's and looking fit and trim and ready to run at 80 mph, just like his beautifully presented and restored 1955 FJ Holden.
Every detail was beautifully restored, with plenty of highly polished chrome.
Many of our English friends will not have any connections with this era of early Holden cars.
These all strike emotion with the Aussie baby boomers.

My dad had the model before this known as the FX Holden. This was the first model that Holden released in 1948.



A couple more
They were a great seller as we virtually only had Austin & Morris available at the time and some "Yank Tanks"
Very light, seated 6 , 138c.i. motor, 3 on the tree, woeful brakes but did everything really well for the time.
Became Australia's most popular racecar and in modified form beat Jaguar 3.8s and may other Europeans.


Thanks for posting these Brookie.
This would be one of my choices of a classic, if not for my Kombi.
I have a photo of myself age 2 posing next to my dad's 1948 FX Holden.
Same body shape and different grill.
Gabbo's Run

Love it, i used to have one back in 1969, also had an fx a little later. Not as nice looking as this one thou.

Very nice looking car. Thanks for the pictures.

We've all heard the stories of the urban myth cars that were driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady. I experienced that in Caberra in the 1980s.

A 1956 FJ Holden Special sedan in two tone green was in the garage of a house that was having a clearing sale after the death of its elderly lady owner.

I offerered them $2,500 for it, but it was in the lady's will as a gift to her young granddaughter.

It was in excellent original condition, the doors went "clunk" upon closing, the interior smelled new, the tyres were the original cross plies, The battery looked like it was the original one, the speedo read 50,000 miles and it had a complete service history from the local Holden dealer.

It was a genuine urban myth car.

A few weeks later it was for sale as the granddaughter didn't want it. I missed out on it because I had just bought a Fiat 2300S from another neighbour in the same street.

Oh well. Win some, lose some.

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