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camper, bus and van.
New members note-no location , no approval

VW Kombi
New Members-Please read before registering
Please read before registering. Please put your location in Profile. Don't forget to post and introduce yourself.If you haven't found that Kombi yet you will get help and advice from our members.No location may mean no registration We like all VWs-even watercooled
New Member Introductions
After registration/approval introduce yourself here. Let's know if you have a Kombi and which model and a little bit about yourself
The Kombi Konnection News
This forum was originally started to list links and info that was not available on other VW forums with many "stickies" to reduce searching. Your feedback is appreciated and forums may be expanded or reduced at your suggestion. Inappropriate language is not acceptable. Thanks
For all general posts and discussion on Kombis and all versions of the Type 2
Members Photos
Let's see your Kombis -during restoration- camping-anything you may think members would like
General Kombi info
The VW Kombi , general questions and discussion and links to information
Off Topic
Any links or information that may add to Forum. Also our Quiz- What Part or Where is- Pets-other rides and bikes etc
Spotters Forum
Seen any interesting Kombis or other VWs lately. Maybe on the net or just on the road
Splittie Section
Where Splittie owners can post and add pics of their classic Kombis. Post a link to a Splittie site you can recommend and we will make it a "sticky" if it is popular .
Lowlights or Early Bays
Officially from late 1967 to 1972- Low front traffic indicators and oval tailights- late 72s had rectangular tailights. Now the next most wanted after Splitties.
Late Bays 73-80 Models
Created late 1972 with a few crossover models this is the best of the aircooled Type 2s. With disc brakes , better fittings and many variations this became possibly the most popular "people mover" in the world. Many are still used as daily drivers, work vehicles, poptop campers etc.
Wedges T3/25,T4 ,T5, Syncro , 4 Motion and L35
With T3s or T25s as Europeans call them gaining popularity this section has been created so owners don't feel left out. Now joining the nicknamed Kombis-Bays-Splitties and now Wedges. T4, T5, Syncro and 4 Motion also welcome
Kombi Histories and Stories
Tell us your Kombi stories and histories. Your memories of family trips etc.
Camping Sites by State & Great Kombi Drives
Camping sites from caravan parks to freecamping and those spots specially for Kombis. Do you have a special Kombi drive, The Great Ocean Road, The Perth Hills etc., or even the Tanami, If so let us know
Travel Stories
For the longer trips-"around the block", across the Nullabor or interstate- let's hear of your adventures and see your photos. Your information will help others and may encourage them to travel
Info and questions on various aircooled from 1200 to 2000cc
Gear ratios, final drives, and other info
From painting to rust removal and how to fit parts , door and window fittings, poptops and links to tech sites
Suspension Steering and brakes
Info, how to, ask your questions and someone in the big Kombi world will help
A forum to list information both high & low tension wiring inc lighting, horns, distributors, spark plug ranges etc.
Interiors Vans and bus
From bare vans to Deluxe 9 seat Microbus.
Campers Poptop and hardtop
Various types of camper conversions from Sopru , Trakka, Sunliner, Swagman and Sierp Bros in Australia to Westfalia in Europe and Dormobile etc in UK
e Kombis
A new forum for those interested in the all electric conversion.Kombi is ideal for those using for commuting or metro running.
Links to Australian and world wide Kombi sites
Videos from You Tube and other media-only Kombi or VW please-others to Off Topic
Books, CDs, DVDs
A broad forum in categories covering VW, General Classifications, Sci-Fi etc
Models, Toys & Memorabilia
For fans of VW models , toys & memorabilia let us see those pics!
Collectables & Antiques-non VW
Are you a collector of bric-a-brac, antiques, and other items. Do you know of out of the way shops, maybe you want to swap or add to a specific collection. Do you go for drives in your Kombi and come back with the back full of "things".
Kombi and other VW Events & Reports
Kombi and other VW events
Post your club events here- if it is long term we will make it a Sticky. It may be something you want to organise or need help to do so -let the KK Forum or Moderators know. Event photos in Event reports
Kombi Event Reports
Post your photos and your thoughts on VW events you have attended. As many reports have lots of photos this is separate for those still on dial up at 31.2Kbps
The Kombi Konnection's event held in September 2008 at Muresk Institute . Weekend Camping and Show. Muresk is a University Campus with a long history and is a part of Curtin University. Many photos in reports
Volkswagen Club of WA
Forum for VWCWA events with links to their website .
For Sale, Wanted and Help
Recommended Services, Part suppliers and repairers
List suppliers , services or repairers that you can recommend-please give web link where possible
For Sale VW only
Kombis mainly but you can use for other VWs
Wanted Vehicles
Let everybody know of that Kombi you want
Parts for Sale
VW Kombi parts for sale or swap
Parts Wanted
Parts needed for that resto!
Do you have odd VW parts that you will never use or ones needing reconditioning that some one may be able to use. Please post here
Non VW For sale or Wanted
You may have to sell that other car before you buy a Kombi or maybe need some non VW bits
Members in Business
Members can post here their business details and website . Does not have to be Kombi or VW related.
Kombi Assist & Bush Mechanic Tricks
A list of KK members and others that can help in event of breakdown. If you can help or advise Kombi owners in your area please enter your details. We have added "bush mechanics tricks" that may help you get home or to a safe spot
How I Did It
Are you doing your own resto or have you rebuilt engine, prepped for paint, overhauled brakes or the many things owners do to keep their pride and joy in good nick. Show or tell "How I/We Did It
Parts Suppliers
Part Suppliers in Australia
Suppliers of Kombi and most other VW model parts -mostly long established and advertise in VWMA and other media. Including wheels, carbs, cams, complete engines, transmissions etc Most sell online and will post /courier parts Australia wide
Parts Suppliers UK, USA , Europe,SE Asia & Japan etc
With the popularity of the VW worldwide a larger choice of parts suppliers is now available especially online.
Beetles, Type 3s,KGS, Buggies Etc
Beetles, Type3s, Buggies etc
ManyKombi owners have Beetles,Type 3s and other VW vehicles so you can talk about them here.We will also set up a few good info links
VWs in Motorsport
Mainly for aircooled but any race/rally/hillcimb/drag/motorkhana VW. Hope to see photos and articles
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